An Invitation

What is it to be a human being?—An ongoing investigation.

In this site, I share my own musings and investigations, and I encourage you to take them on yourself, to comment, to learn from them, and to also continue on the way.  Being “on the way” is what it is to be a human—ahead of yourself, walking toward your future while always looking around and back at your past. Being “on the way” also resonates with Eastern spiritual traditions such as Taoism and Buddhism, so as a title, it means your situation in life and your work towards your own development and salvation by pursuing the Way with open mind, heart, and life. Out of love for philosophy, “being on the way” also indicates the incompleteness of our philosophical discourse—our journey in life and in understanding what we encounter is not complete. This loving path to wisdom is also ongoing; thus, it too is a journey instead of a destination. Finally, “being on the way” points out the impermanence of everything. As we are on a journey in so many ways, our lives and experiences are in flux. Life is an unfolding. Here, we explore that together, and I encourage you to journey along with me.




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