Why do you worry?

Heaviness holds down your heart while you prepare to run or fight, feeling trapped and powerless.

But what causes such distress? A goal? A possession? A lover? Money? Success?

How many millions of moments have passed in your life without these objects of your concern? Did these moments not merely march on from one to the next, fluctuating as the ebb and flow of time, whether you watched them with serenity or while riddled with anxiety?

How many billions of lives have been caught and fraught with these feelings? Yet these billions are now gone, nameless, dust on the earth, soil for the plants. How many eons and multitudes will follow you yet after this moment?

You are a falling star, burning brightly for a few moments in the becoming of the Universe. Do not worry about how to become a harder or bigger rock or how to fly instead of fall. Embrace your existence and shine.