Spring Blooms at the Japanese Gardens

About three weeks back, I went to the Japanese Garden in Seattle again and enjoyed the wonderful spring blossoms with their vibrant colors. I wrote a few haiku poems to express the myriad bright beauties to be seen.

Flames tongues’ joyous spark
Yellow and orange blazing
Blossoms – spring is here!

Color festival
Pinks, purples, whites, reds, yellows
Oh, joy! Sun’s return

Ducks play, pond splashes
Whistling wingbeats on air
Peace of dusk’s blanket

Water sings on rocks
Wisteria hangs above
Pond’s calm embrace: home

Myriad flowers
Ki’s mystery–a wonder
Hues of merriment

Bumblebee dances
Loving sway from bloom to bloom
Each returns this love

Vibrant green’s surprise
Explosions amidst its peace
Pink, purple, red, white


May this inspire you to joy and peace.



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